pain relief cream

Recover 75mg

It takes away the pain!!!

I use this product twice a day for my shoulder and my knee. I went from not being able to lift my arm above my head to having total use of my arm with no pain. It helps with my knee pain but I still have fluid collection. I will continue to use this product because it has helped with my pain far beyond any prescription or non prescription that I have tried.

Michelle Sanchez

August 30, 2018

It really works!

I have tried so many creams/lotions in the past that have not worked for me. So I was surprised when I discovered almost immediately after using this on my aching feet and ankles for fibromyalgia pain that the sensation of throbbing pain was not nearly as awful as it is normally for me. I even stopped using it one day to make sure I wasn't imagining the pain subsiding, lol, but sure enough the pain was much more noticeable when I didn't use the cream. So, it's only been a week of using, but so far it is helping enough to make a difference and I am really glad I tried this!

Sally Lee

November 5, 2018


Been suffering from chronic neck pain for years. Degenerative issues, tried, trigger point injections, traction, chiropractic , acupuncture, muscle relaxers, Meloxican, every pillow known to man....all to no avail. The neck pain has been an issue for the past 20 years. Scheduled an Epidural for the end of this month, thinking surgery is definitely in my future, age 53.... My PCP mentioned that her mother used hemp oil and swears by it. I thought, what the heck, I will try anything. Waded through many reviews on Amazon and decided on Adhemp. Put some on as soon as it arrived yesterday and in a matter of minutes my stabbing stiff neck pain dissipated. I'd say the pain went from an 8 to a 3, that's pretty remarkable. Went to the driving range, hit 100 golf balls, pain came back. Put some more Adhemp on, same result, pain dissipated nicely Slept very well, neck wasn't too stiff this morning but put some more Adhemp on. My neck feels very loose today, I really can't believe it. I am really excited about this product. 

By Fabio Montoya 

January 14, 2019


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pain relief cream

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