"I loved the Adhemp drops because it helps me when I have anxiety and need to calm down due to my high stress job."

~Arlene Torres


"I can't say enough about how much these drops have helped me on a daily basis."

~Artsy Fartsy Mom


"This is the key to fixing stiff legs buy this if you’re like me with stiff legs."


Recover Pain Cream

$2oz 29.95 | $3.8oz 45.95

Infused with natural ingredients to provide quick, temporarily relief for joints and muscles. Can also be used as a moisturizer.

  • May manage aches
    May manage aches
  • May reduce inflammation and swelling
  • May keep joints healthy and strong
  • May reduce muscle soreness

Restore 250mg


Great for maintaining healthy joints and improving mood. Recommended as a starting point for hemp oil drops.

  • May Manage anxiety and stress
    May manage anxiety and stress
  • May reduces inflammation and swelling
    May reduce inflammation and swelling
  • May improves brain function and mood
    May improve brain function and mood
  • May maintains healthy joints
    May maintain healthy joints

Restore 750mg


Helps manage aches, reduce muscle soreness, maintains healthy joints and improves mood. Most common choice of dosage.

  • May Manage anxiety and stress
    May Manage anxiety and stress
  • May promote sleep
    May promote sleep
  • May maintain healthy joints
    May Maintain healthy joints, Heart, and brain
  • May manage aches
    May manage aches and reduces inflammation

Restore 1500mg


Helps manage severe aches and discomfort. Also, helps with chronic anxiety and stress. Very potent dosage

  • May Manage chronic aches
    May manage chronic aches
  • May promote deeper sleep
    May promote deeper sleep and relaxation
  • May manage severe stress
    May manage severe stress and anxiety
  • May provide Neuroprotection
    May provide Neuroprotection
Pharmaceutical quality


Third party tested

Full Spectrum

non psychoactive CBD


Legally Compliant

legal in all 50 states

sourced in Kentucky

CBD is a chemical compound which is extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa. Hemp and Marijuana both came from the Cannabis plant, and both contain a variety go phytocannabanoids. Marijuana is cultivated in the US Specifically to increase the content of one psychoactive phytocannabinoid, THC, which is used for medical and recreational use. CBD is primarily extracted from the hemp plant for therapeutic uses and is not psychoactive.


muscle pain relief

May reduce feeling of stress and anxiety

pain relief cream

May improve relaxation, sleep, and mood

joint pain relief

May support joint and inflammatory response

muscle pain relief

May temporarily relieve discomfort

 Originally, I received this product as a gift. I have been having trouble with a bunion and my friend sent me Recover to try on it. I was really surprised that the combination of the cream and the massage I got rubbing it in really helped. So nice to have when I take my shoes off! Since that time, I've been using it anywhere I hurt--including my chest muscles when I pick up my 2-year old great-granddaughter. I liked it so well that I bought this jar as a gift for my daughter-in-law.


I loved the Adhemp drops because it helps me when I have anxiety and need to calm down due to my high stress job. I use to take anxiety medication and I have been able to ween off to a smaller dose. I do recommend these drops for anyone that suffers anxiety.

Arlene T.

This is our first jar of Adhemp . My husband and I have been using it for about a month. I apply on my hands and knees, he on knees , hands and shoulders. He has osteoarthritis and bone cancer and says this cream gives him relief. I have osteoarthritis also and was having a lot of pain after working in my flower garden, but the cream really helps. We are both in our mid 70's and do not want to take a lot of the oral medications because of his cancer meds and my heart meds. This is a great alternative.